Dexter Bligh: Circumcision would make sex more difficult for me

Dexter Bligh discusses his feelings and personal observations about genital integrity, having a foreskin, the effect that circumcision would have, and the locker-room myth.

(slightly modified)

You know, when you talk about giving children rights, and about anti-circumcision types of movement, some people take it personally if they've been circumcised [forcibly], and I think that's not what we're trying to say. [We're] just [saying] that every person has the right to have everything they were born with, essentially.

It's kind of a touchy subject sometimes, but I think it's coming to the light of day a little bit more; people aren't uncomfortable to talk about it, I find.

As a swimmer my whole life, I've been in that locker-room situation a lot, and I think at least in Canada, it's pretty normal [to have a foreskin]; it's not really a laughing-point or a bullying-point, per se; it doesn't really come up that much. I think everybody is pretty accepting of it.

[Regarding circumcision], the main things I think about are just the mechanics of having sex—I think it would be a little more difficult if I didn't have the foreskin; there are certain issues that—yeah, I can't imagine. I feel like it would be completely different and I just… I'm happy the way I am—very glad that my mom chose to not get me circumcised. Let's put it that way.

They do say that [the foreskin is] the most sensitive part, and I definitely agree with that. I feel like masturbation in general would be more difficult [without my foreskin]; you know, I really don't have to work at that—it's pretty easy. I just think, overall, [circumcision] would change the mechanics of it, and I don't know what the result of that would be to my mindset, but I'm glad that [my penis is] the way it is—it works perfectly like that.

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