Jonathan Friedman: We have to create our own media!

Jonathan Friedman was raised according to Orthodox Judaism, and is now an ardent intactivist. He describes his awakening to the damage caused by circum­cision, how his frustration with that fact has been received by his mother, and the ways in which he has channeled his energies into productive work toward convincing others to relinquish this tradition of forcibly cutting up the genitals of completely healthy individuals.


Nick: “It was just mind boggling [that] my parents had done this to me!”

Nick tells the story of how he came to understand what was done to his body, the impact that realization had on his psychology and relationships, and how he is channeling his feelings into constructive action.


Break the Chain!

TheBoyFromNorfolk of YouTube is from the UK; he is Jewish and was circumcised as an infant as per his religious mother's wishes.

Baring tattooed arms and standing before a wall emblazoned with the motto "KEEP CALM AND CARRT ON", he uses his own feelings and experiences to explain that the problem with circumcising a completely healthy child is that it takes away future choices from the adult the child will become—he explains that such genital cutting is morally wrong not because it's body modification, but because it's forcible body modification; he explains that it is a question of body autonomy.